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As a result of the numerous research findings which revealed the very poor level of financial illiteracy and financial exclusion in Nigeria, Credit Awareness decided, with the full approval of the Central Bank of Nigeria, to bridge the gap in financial literacy nationwide utilizing the P.I.E. strategy which simply means Promoting, Inviting and Educating the teeming masses.



P          -          PROMOTE:                 This involves promotion of savings and the

                                                            development of responsible borrowing culture.

                                                            The Credit town storming crew visits the various

                                                            Local government areas promoting the message

of the campaign using posters, bill boards, radio

jingles among other means. 


I           -           INVITE:                       At this point, the town storming crew reaches out

                                                            to the community and all the Local Government

                                                            Areas by visiting public places, motor parks and

                                                            Markets to reach out to the target market. These

                                                            Include the different trade groups, market

                                                            Women, artisans, itinerant individuals, and other

                                                            Organized groups by the use of road shows,

                                                            Posters, pasted in public places, handbills, direct

                                                            Invitation to organized groups to invite them to

                                                            The campaign venues.


E          -           EDUCATE:                  We educate them by using drama, literature and                                                  entertainment to capture the attention of the target                                                    audience.